God has clearly shown the reality of His existence in the world He has made and in us, who are made in His image. But the human race has suppressed this knowledge and rejected God’s loving rule, turning to its own resources and management. Selfishness and pride – a refusal to honor and glorify God – are the hallmarks of a life without God from which all other sins originate, leading to death and judgment.

God’s Word says that every person is a sinner, in rebellion against Him and under His wrath. This is a serious condition indeed! Our own virtues and accomplishments will not help us as we stand exposed before a Holy God. We need forgiveness and a radical change of life. Such a new status and ability to love and obey God is made possible only by God Himself, who calls us to repent (turn from sin and self-trust) and put our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Out of love for us, Jesus lived a perfectly obedient life in our stead and suffered the judgment of our sins in His own body on the Cross.

When we honestly confess our sin and trust Jesus alone for salvation, His perfect righteousness is imputed to us (accounted as ours). Born again to new life in Christ, God adopts us as His very own sons and daughters. We begin to grow spiritually as disciples of Christ; we discover increasingly in His Word, in prayer, worship, fellowship, and in outreach to others, the joy of living for His glory.