08:30 am 1st Worship Service
10:00 am Sunday School
11:15 am 2nd Worship Service

Nursery available for children ages 1 to 4.

Sample order of worship

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Philosophy of Worship

Because the glory of God is our greatest priority, and because God tells us we must worship Him in Spirit and truth, our worship must be Christ-centered, Scripture-based, Spirit-filled, and humbly transparent. It must reflect God’s own character of holiness and graciousness, His surpassing majesty and His tender presence with us. Our worship should be welcoming and life-changing, just like our Savior who gathers us to Himself when we worship.

While reverence for God and conviction of our sin should mark our worship, so should exuberant joy and celebration of our freedom from guilt and our triumph over death through faith in Christ. The Gospel should be central in our worship as in all that we do.

Gospel freedom, the desire to edify, and the commitment to love our neighbor in a church embracing the diverse cultures and ethnic groups of our community are Biblical principles urging us to worship God with a healthy mix of music and other elements from various styles and periods, old and new. We want all who come into our doors to worship or experience worship that speaks a “language” they understand, while at the same time enriching them beyond their present experience. We seek to do this with Biblical and musical integrity and excellence, to the glory of God. We encourage all the gathered believers to worship with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, expressing their love for God with liberty and yet also mutual respect and sensitivity.

Worship is not primarily for us, but for God; but as we glorify Him with our songs, words, and prayers, we sincerely desire and by faith expect both the spiritual growth of the believer and the conversion of sinners who attend.

Believing God normally works through “ordinary means,” we thoughtfully and prayerfully plan all the elements of our worship services, but we also value the extemporaneous spirit in our prayers, songs, sharing, and preaching. We do not believe the revelational gifts of tongues and prophecy are given to the church today.